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“I really learned a lot from Jennifer and Andrea. In fact, I would not have known where to start in my search if it hadn’t been for them. I’m grateful to my employer for hiring Corridor HR Solutions to help those of us affected by the layoffs.”

TG Iowa City

“I found Andrea’s training, support and coaching invaluable throughout my career exploration process as she provided additional insight and tools that I was not aware of that greatly assisted with the transition. I value that my former employer used the services of Corridor HR Solutions to assist me with the process at every stage. I’ve unfortunately been impacted by restructuring in the past; however, this is the first time that a company has provided outplacement support services. I am truly grateful to my former employer for considering how to provide tools for me to secure new opportunities.”
JP Iowa City

“I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer and Andrea at Corridor HR Solutions when I found myself displaced due to organizational restructuring. They helped me explore my skills and experience then taught me how to best highlight them based on the position I was applying for. The job market had changed significantly since the last time I was looking for employment, Corridor HR Solutions helped me understand the changes and how to navigate them, especially the need for networking. In addition to encouraging networking they pointed out opportunities to do so within the local community. They always provided the right amount of support based on where I was at in my journey and I believe this was beneficial to me locating a position that met my needs in a short amount of time. I appreciate that my former employer made arrangements for me to have a resource as valuable as Corridor HR Solutions during my job search.”
SS Cedar Rapids

“I was part of a large layoff recently that took me by complete surprise – seen many occur in my professional life but was always of the “safe side”. Fortunately, this was a company that cared deeply about their employee’s well-being and hired Corridor HR Solutions to assist us in our transition. Many had been in our company since high school and were hit hard by the daunting changes the job market presented. Andrea and Jennifer were truly dedicated to helping us out, giving a one-day workshop with materials to start and full support through e-mail and a “career cafe” meeting every Thursday.  I could see many scared faces turn in to hopeful smiles as well all took this journey together, helping with job leads, resume reviews, and often plain support. Jennifer helped me further with a practice interview after I had several good job interviews, but was “not quite” what they wanted. She helped me refine my resume and how I answered interview questions, and I took that knowledge forward. Always bright and cheerful, they made this life trauma feel manageable – which is what we all needed. Four months out total, 40+ job postings with 8+ interviews under the IT envelope; a tough market that lost to my will power and I am happily employed now.”

CK Cedar Rapids

“I feel like Corridor HR Solutions helped to give me a competitive edge.”

KS North Liberty

“Thankfully, my employer hired Corridor HR Solutions to help displaced employees find new careers. I took the networking advice offered by Andrea Wagner to heart and immediately started reconnecting with several former colleagues. I feel very fortunate to have landed a new job so quickly! (I applied for 21 jobs and interviewed for 8 of those.) We’ve all heard stories about “mature” professionals—those of us with years of experience—being unemployed for several months or even years. I feel I was in the right place at the right time and reconnected with the right person.”

TG Iowa City

“I was 16 years into what I thought would be my forever job: news that our location would be closing was a bitter pill to swallow. Our company hired Corridor HR Solutions to help in this transition. Andrea and Jennifer were invaluable providing guidance on building solid resumes, networking, and interviewing skills.  I had not yet found a job when the business doors closed; Andrea and Jennifer continued to be available. They helped review letters to potential employers, looked over changes on my resume, and provided a weekly meeting with group of clients at a coffee house.  I am very grateful for the help and support that they provided through my job search.”

MB Cedar Rapids

I am beyond grateful that my former employer hired Corridor HR Solutions to help with my career transition! So much has changed with the hiring process since I conducted my last job search 12 years ago, and I was very overwhelmed with the situation. Andrea walked me through every step of the process.  She helped me write a resume that I am really proud of and also helped me gain the confidence I needed to nail my interviews!  I was able to land a position that I am really excited about and that will help me advance in my career! I could not have done this without Andrea’s help!

CM Dubuque