The offer is accepted; the move is forthcoming. How long will they stay in our community?

The relocation experience happens to the entire household, not just your employee. The impact on the family can also impact the employer, if the new employee does not stay.

Vast amounts of time and financial resources are dedicated to recruiting the best talent for your organization. Unfortunately, many are finding this same prized employee leaves the organization within the first 18-36 months because the employee never developed a connection to his/her new community.

With employee turnover cost estimated at two times an employee’s pay and benefits, C2C™ offers that extra measure of insurance that every effort is being made not just to settle the employee, but to make sure all members of their family feel a part of the community.

What is Connect2Community™?

C2C™ is a UNIQUE relocation and retention program designed by Corridor HR Solutions.  C2C™ reaches out to the employee and every member of their household to help them acclimate to their new home more quickly. That outreach can begin in advance of the move, and continues for one full year following the move.  By ascertaining the people, services, and activities that are important in the daily life of the employee and their family, the C2C™  Consultant can establish immediate ties to the community, and thereby increase the chance for a successful and sustainable transition. Most of all, the service is confidential and every member who receives the service will know that their individual needs and requests will not be shared with anyone.

How does it work?

It begins as soon as the employee is hired.  Our C2C™ Consultant makes an immediate introduction. Information is provided long before the employee arrives in the area, and continues throughout the first year.  After all, the support they need goes beyond the initial flurry of welcome, and the unpacking of boxes.

Our personal touch reaches out to address individual and family lifestyle interests and includes the entire household.  The household would receive a personalized resource guide, written by the C2C™ Consultant, and includes information specific to the household.  Information can include job search leads, musical or sports activities and lessons for children, volunteer opportunities, and personal services such as physicians and hair salons.  We never trivialize a client’s request for information (see “examples of requests” from clients that required a personal touch.)

Connect2Community™ is NOT a real estate service, nor does it replace your company’s on-boarding program. Rather, it’s extends the reach of your program to include whomever is accompanying your employee to the community to which they are moving.

How much does C2C™ cost the employer?

The cost of services depends on the investment your organization chooses to make.  You may wish to consider the level of employee and the needs of the trailing household.  However, to best protect your investment, we suggest one full year of services… why?  Studies show that employees are more likely to stay in the area if they remain with a job for at least a year.  In addition, challenges for a relocated family can crop up well beyond the first few months.

How much does it cost the employer if the employee leaves?

According to the Center for American Progress, the cost to replace a mid-range employee is about 20% of the employee’s annual salary.  For example, the cost to replace a $40,000 position would be $8,000. The cost is even significantly more for higher educated executive positions – up to 213%  For example, the cost to replace a $100,000 executive is $213,000.