You may see it as a business decision, but job loss is always personal.

Businesses are ever-changing and often times need to make difficult decisions. Those decisions not only affect their departing employees, but also families, the remaining employees and the communities in which they live and work. Job loss affects people in many ways; the emotional and financial toll alone can be very stressful. Losing a job and having to find another job is one of the most stressful events for adults.

Rely on your trusted, community experts.

As an employer, you can protect your brand and your reputation by offering your departing employees an experienced, personal coach to help with his or her career transition back into the community; a community in which our team members also live and work. And, with our network of partnerships, we can refer your employees into other communities where he or she will work with a local expert and professional coach. Our programs are relationship dependent and our coaches have both deep and broad experience in human resources and/or counseling.

We respond thoughtfully, without a cookie-cutter approach.

Every business has different needs and so are the career transition needs of each departing employee. We can work with your budget to craft a program that is tailored for your departing employees. With multiple generations in the workplace today, we offer career transition services that are custom-designed for each person’s needs. Our programs are anchored with personal and professional support, but also include access to a powerful online career portal. This portal provides participants with tools and education options to help them manage change and navigate every step of the transition process.

Your benefit offering makes a world of difference.

These days, while ‘high tech’ seems to be the way we work and live, it’s easy to overlook the human side of job loss and the potential or perceived barriers to employment. Without an experienced coach to help identify and remove those barriers, the next job for your former employee will take much longer. The benefit of career transition services not only assists those who receive the benefit, but also those employees left behind and our community. Don’t take shortcuts; provide a trusted resource to help with your departing employee’s journey into his or her next career move. Your current and former employees will thank you. And so will your community.


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