What are partner relocation services?

When an employer recruits a new employee to our community, his or her trailing partner or another household member may need job search assistance.  As part of the relocation package, job search assistance for the family member(s) can be included.  A trailing family can already feel “uprooted” and job search assistance for the trailing partner can go a long way to help them get acclimated to their new community more quickly.  

How does it work?

There is complete flexibility built into the program, but the program can be based on the needs of the individual and investment desired by employer.  For example, a career-oriented spouse with highly transferable skills may only need a 10-12 hours of coaching and assistance.  Other trailing partners may have specific hurdles to overcome such as a unique skill set or wish to change careers altogether.  This type of search can easily take a few months.  And for those who have been out of the job market for a long period time, have outdated skills, and/or have very unique or unusual skills may take even longer to find a  position in their new community.

 Since a job search is a lot tougher when one has no established network in the area, this is a major focus of our extended programs.  There are similarities to a traditional career transition program but we also include a focus on community orientation.  Because of the unique networking needs of these individuals, we can provide introductions to area businesses and individuals with similar career interests.  We can arrange for the spouse or partner to meet with potential employers to network about their abilities and accomplishments and to assist them in finding a new opportunity.


We’ve already spent thousands to find and recruit our new employee.  Why should we pay more?

The cost recruit and relocate a new employee is a huge investment for your company.  But without consideration for the rest of the household’s needs, the relocation may not stick – and your investment is gone too soon.  What is good for the family is going to be good for your new employee and vice versa.