Career transition services include outplacement programs and partner relocation.  Employers who are managing change need a partner who can assist with complex transitions ranging from individuals to entire facilities. Some of the many ways we assist employers include:

  • Planning assistance for your notification meeting(s) to include onsite assistance during notification.
  • Training managers on delivering transition messages and overall best practices.
  • Meeting with remaining employees who need reassurance and assistance working alongside those with a working notice.
  • Crafting high-touch, high-tech outplacement programs that fit your budget and the needs.
  • Arranging an outplacement program provider in another CPI partner community for those employees who are looking to relocate.
  • Assisting your newly-located employees’ accompanying spouse or partner with assistance in the way of targeting a job search within our community.

Career transition programs include group workshops and individual full service programs. We can tailor our services to your budget and specific needs.


Extends the reach of your relocation program with a focus on the trailing household and their individual transition needs.

Partner Relocation

Job search assistance for the trailing partner goes a long way to acclimate everyone to their new community more quickly.

Outplacement Services

Personal and professional support to manage change and navigate steps of the transition process .